Customized Badges

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You must have seen young fashion freaks wearing leather jackets that are full of badges of different types. The market that once had a limited amount of badges in it is now full of a variety of designs and styles of badges available for sale. Custom Order On is an online resource that offers dozens of designs for badges that you can buy from the comfort of your home. We offer Pak army badges and school badges available at reasonable rates online.

Every individual wants to look different and unique. But over-doing fashion can make you look odd. However, accessories are one type of fashion that lets you stand out and at the same time make you look unique as well. It could be anything in accessory, let it be custom badges, they are unique, stylish and drops a greater first impression. Personalised badges are a type of accessory that could be worn on casual and formal wear. Let it be for good looks or formal occasions. They fit in everywhere with you. There are multiple reasons as to why symbols are used because they deliver a lasting impression.

Unique Custom Badges deliver a good impact on people. They are perfect for business conferences, you could create a mission system and wear it to support your meeting or event. It is also better than business flyers which people trash away immediately these days, however they would never throw a meaningful badge away.


Custom badges are uncommon and they help you look different in a gathering or a crowd. If you are serving a purpose in your company or organization, then wearing a customized badge to represent them or support them is perfect. It shows how much you encourage in your own way. You could get a symbol designed from us or get a text written. We at customorderon print anything to make sure you are happy with it.


Customized badges are easy to order. Simple select from a variety of badges, if not then you can order it from customorderon and we will deliver the exact same thing you want. You can put an image or a favorite movie character or text. We do it all with professional designers who deliver excellence in their work.

Badges are unique and different however they have a quality to look good on every individual. We have a variety of badges online in Pakistan. Just because we are offering a greater service does not mean we would charge you sky-high. If you wish to order your badge with us. Do it stress free. It could be a memorable gift for someone or a corporate event, let it be a wedding or a date night. Our badges are sure to rock your look and make you look extravagant.

Now easily get badges online in Pakistan through the comfort of a click only. We deliver all around Pakistan. Get your favorite customized badge and rock that event.

Create Your Own Custom Badges Now!

You can share your badge design with us and we can customize the size and shape of your badge for you. There are several designs of Pakistan Army badges that you can get designed and customized according to your own requirements. In the month of August the online store called Custom Order On makes a special collection of 14 august badges. Near every national event the company makes sure that it provides ample amounts of Pakistan flag badges to cater the ever-growing needs of its young members. If you happen to visit the online resource of Custom Order On you will get to know that the badge industry has undergone a lot of growth and the badges with slogans, funny comments and interesting sayings are attracting a lot of people towards them.